Local Teachers Honored at Nick’s Kids Luncheon Hosted by Miss Terry


Terry Saban, the first lady of Alabama Football and the Nick’s Kids Foundation, hosted the 12th annual Teacher Excellence Awards Luncheon in Tuscaloosa to honor the hard work and dedication of educators.

As a former teacher herself, Saban empathized with the challenges teachers face, from long hours in the classroom to grading papers and creating lesson plans. She expressed her gratitude for teachers, acknowledging that often their impact is not fully realized until years later when students recognize the value of their education and the role their teachers played in it.

While her husband, coach Nick Saban, was away recruiting, Terry Saban took charge of the event, which included a barbecue lunch for teachers and a performance by the RISE Center’s children’s bell choir.

In her speech, Saban spoke about the ripple effect of teaching, likening it to the energy that moves through water when a pebble is thrown in. She emphasized the profound impact that teachers have on their students’ lives and the benefits that ripple out to others as a result.

The Nick’s Kids Foundation, founded by Nick and Terry Saban, supports organizations that benefit children and has contributed to the construction of 20 Habitat for Humanity houses to commemorate Alabama’s national titles and other victories.

During the luncheon, 51 local teachers were recognized with certificates and $500 in gift cards as awards for their outstanding work. Alabama golf coach Jay Seawell also gave an inspiring speech, acknowledging the crucial role that teachers play in shaping the future leaders and dream-chasers of tomorrow.


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