Nick Saban and Nate Oats Swapped Positions in Their Past Lives in Alabama


Many years before Nick Saban became the coach of the Alabama football team, he was the captain of his high school basketball team in Monongah, West Virginia. Similarly, long before Nate Oats led the Alabama basketball team, he played high school and college football in Watertown, Wisconsin. This article delves into what Saban was like as a point guard and Oats was like as a wide receiver.

John Fazio, who taught management for 13 years, often thought of Nick Saban as an exemplary Level 5 leader. He had encountered a Level 5 leader during his adolescence in junior high in Monongah, and Saban had come to mind. This showed how Saban’s leadership abilities were evident even as a young athlete, long before his coaching career.

Saban’s experience as a basketball point guard during high school showcased his competitiveness and attention to detail, traits that are indicative of a future Division I coach, much like Oats’ leadership abilities as a wide receiver.

Oats also had experience as a football player, even competing at the collegiate level. His time as a backup quarterback and wide receiver highlighted his toughness and work ethic, which he now imparts to his basketball players.

Overall, both Saban and Oats exemplified leadership skills during their time as athletes in their respective sports, long before their coaching careers. Their competitive nature and attention to detail set them apart and ultimately contributed to their success in their coaching roles.


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