What Do the Taliban Want Roadmap: Unraveling Their Deepest Aspirations

The Taliban, a group synonymous with insurgency and conflict, has long been a focal point in discussions surrounding Afghanistan’s complex geopolitical landscape. As the world grapples with the intricacies of their actions, a central question arises: What do the Taliban want? In this exploration, we aim to unravel the ambitions and goals that drive the Taliban’s agenda and actions.

Sharia Law and Islamic State: What Do the Taliban Want?

At the heart of the Taliban’s aspirations is a fervent desire to establish an Islamic state governed by their strict interpretation of Sharia law. What do the Taliban want, if not the implementation of their version of Islamic principles across Afghanistan? The group’s unwavering commitment to this ideological foundation serves as a driving force behind their actions.

End to Foreign Presence: A Central Goal of What the Taliban Want:

One of the paramount objectives in the Taliban’s agenda is the removal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. What do the Taliban want, if not the expulsion of perceived foreign occupiers? Their historical roots as a resistance force during the Soviet-Afghan War have shaped their deep-seated opposition to foreign military presence, making the withdrawal of international forces a key goal.

Challenges to Existing Governance Structures:

What do the Taliban want when it comes to governance structures? The group seeks to challenge and dismantle existing tribal and local governance systems, viewing them as impediments to their vision of an Islamic state. Their agenda includes reshaping political and social structures to align with their interpretation of Islamic principles.

Rejection of Western Values: A Fundamental Aspect of What the Taliban Want:

Central to the Taliban’s ambitions is a rejection of what they perceive as Western values and influences. What do the Taliban want, if not the rejection of cultural, social, and political elements they view as incompatible with their interpretation of Islamic principles? This rejection forms a foundational aspect of their agenda.

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Territorial Control and Resources: A Strategic Aspect of What the Taliban Want:

In addition to ideological and political objectives, territorial control and access to resources play a strategic role in what the Taliban want. Their quest for power involves gaining control over key regions, allowing them to exert influence and sustain their insurgency. Understanding what the Taliban want involves acknowledging the significance of territory and resources in their pursuit of dominance.


As the world seeks to understand the Taliban’s motivations and actions, the question of what the Taliban want unveils a complex tapestry of ambitions. From the establishment of an Islamic state governed by strict Sharia law to the expulsion of foreign forces, challenges to existing governance structures, rejection of Western values, and strategic territorial control, the Taliban’s objectives are multifaceted. Addressing the issues at the heart of Afghanistan’s turmoil requires a nuanced understanding of what the Taliban want, allowing for informed diplomatic efforts toward a sustainable and peaceful resolution in the region.